What I Stand For

Homes are the sacred spaces where our aspirations are kindled, our families grow, and we make a lifelong statement about who we are. Our city should be the same — a place of opportunity, safety and encouragement, and obvious integrity.

I’m stepping forward to make sure our city government represents and serves everyone. It has room to grow into more fairness and transparency. The city has to hear and understand the needs of those who don’t have the resources or background to speak up for themselves; it must always improve the quality of its democracy. Burlington should celebrate its strengths and build from them; we should all have a sense of ownership and pride in the plans and accomplishments of the city.

We need to plan for a future in which people who call Burlington home aren’t forced to move away because it costs too much. Working people, artists, our vulnerable and young need to be able to afford a home here near our jobs. We need to value each other as a community and plan for a successful future together.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” — Martin Luther King

Burlington should not just value racial equity, but verify that our government demonstrates those values, too. Our city has families of color who have called Burlington home for generations and a growing new American and refugee population arriving from all over the world. We inherited racism from the origins of our American society and have an urgent need to eradicate it and other oppressions, structurally. This is a responsibility I embrace.

Personally and professionally I’ve stood for dignity for all. I’ll always seek a complete understanding of LGBTQ issues that the city council can address, and be open to insight about how the city can be even more equitable and responsive to LGBTQ needs. Our diversity strengthens us and gives us more capacity for empathy, respect, and justice. It helps us comprehend how big the realm of human experience is, and gives us the opportunity to expand into that space.

Authority over our body and its welfare is a personal and private human right. Throughout the last century and into the present our country’s legislative interest in this authority has needed to be resisted, to preserve a woman’s access to safe, legal reproductive health care. From sex education in school, to contraception, abortion, pregnancy health care, and programs for domestic violence, Burlington has the same needs that women across the country do. I’ll represent this cause as a city councilor with vigilance and ensure that locally these rights are recognized and unhindered. Patriarchy is not acceptable or civil.

“We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.” — Malala Yousafzai

Our most vulnerable should be considered in every deliberation. I’ll seek to understand issues from the perspective of people who are affected. I’ll be respectful when the ‘truth’ people experience differs from one to another, and make the personal investment necessary to build bridges. I embrace understanding our city’s needs and desires on every level, from those in poverty to mature organizations; my world view is inclusive.

“They hewed this state out of the wilderness, they held it against foreign foe, they laid deep and stable the foundation of our state life, because they sought not the life of ease, but the life of effort for a worthy end.” — Theodore Roosevelt

My independence makes sure that Burlington will have a city councilor who’s willing to hold the doors open — to seek the challenging conversations that are necessary to bridge gaps and find solutions. I’ll demonstrate that frankness and respect go together, and that authentic leadership is dedicated to working together and willing to have the kind of challenging conversations that solve problems.

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Author: Genese Grill

Genese Grill is the editor of 05401PLUS.