Call for Submissions for LAST PLUS (and Photos of Tree Cutting and Mall Deconstruction)

Dear Readers and Writers, Image-Makers and Humans,
Mannie and I are preparing our farewell issue of 05401PLUS and welcome your contributions in words or images, essays, poems, letters, cartoons, stories, photographs….
We are thinking about what we have been trying to do with this magazine over the last two years, and to that end, are interested in words and images exploring any of the following themes or others you feel are relevant.
We also are looking for the best photographs of the recent desecration of the former Burlington College property and the ongoing destruction of the old mall in town.
Competing Discourses
Is it possible to work towards positive change from within the discourse and value system of the “people in power”? If not, how do we create alternative modes of expression that communicate different values and priorities?
What does it mean to think globally and act locally in today’s context? What are the parallels between global and local threats and possibilities? How does scale effect community participation and democracy?
Public Process vs. Issue-based Activism
Throughout the mall debate in Burlington, media persisted in claiming that it was a fight about building height, no matter how many times we told them it was really about a scandalous railroading of public process. Each and every political issue that has been discussed in PLUS is an object lesson in fake public processes and democracy gone awry. Why is process so important?
Utility and Beauty, Progress and Humanism
In what ways are the imperatives of use and technological progress and those of sensual, aesthetic experience at odds? In what ways are efficiency and utility in harmony with fostering the best of human experience? How is an ecological, aesthetic and humanist perspective actually more realistic and sustainable in today’s world?
Okay…I guess you get the idea.
Words should be either 750 words for one page or 1500 for two, and images are subject to cropping and the superimposition of words. Please send to by June 7th at the latest.
Thank you for your participation in this two-year experiment in journalistic ferment.

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Author: Genese Grill

Genese Grill is the editor of 05401PLUS.

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