Call for Submissions: October and November


Please send us your essays, stories, poems, dreamings, schemings, analyses, proposals, photos, drawings, cartoons, designs, inventions
on the tensions between:
Utility and Beauty
Justice and Freedom
Human, Animal, and Machine
Safety and Danger
Moral and Ethical
Boundlessness and Limits
In the Lake Champlain Bio-Region and Beyond.
Prose should be 750 words (for one page) or 1500 (for two).
Images are subject to cropping and the superimposition of words.
We are not able to pay, but you can have as many free magazines as you want.
I need your work, for the October issue, as close to September 10th as possible. For November, as close to October 10th. But send early and often!
Also, Letters to the Lonely Editor are desperately desired.

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Author: Genese Grill

Genese Grill is the editor of 05401PLUS.

2 thoughts on “Call for Submissions: October and November”

  1. An editor can get overwhelmed with piles of submissions, at least back in the day of physical copies. You may not have that problem because I, and maybe others, have read your call for submissions but can’t find where to submit.

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