Call for Submissions: October and November

Greetings, Please send us your essays, stories, poems, dreamings, schemings, analyses, proposals, photos, drawings, cartoons, designs, inventions on the tensions between: Utility and Beauty Justice and Freedom Human, Animal, and Machine Safety and Danger Moral and Ethical Boundlessness and Limits In the Lake Champlain Bio-Region and Beyond. Prose should be 750 words (for one page) … Continue reading “Call for Submissions: October and November”


Summer is here and the gardens are overflowing. I was just in Barcelona, at the Fearless Cities Conference with two of my Burlington comrades. One of them, Ibnar A. Stratibus, found the word “fecund” most fitting to describe the smells and sites of this wonderful city, as we walked down the crumbling stairwells through Parc … Continue reading “Estival”

The Pleasure and Power of Backyard Politics

Following the recent Public Hearing on Burlington’s downtown zoning change, after various factions had gone off to compare notes, nurse wounds, and celebrate what each was claiming as victory, I ran into a City Councilor and another vociferous “multi-use-mall-housing-office-parking garage-structure” supporter, who suggested that all sides should keep partying. I demurred, saying I had too … Continue reading “The Pleasure and Power of Backyard Politics”

All the World is Made of

Today, November 10th, we are trying to orient ourselves to the new world order, but trying also to not orient ourselves. What seems most important, in the wake of local and national elections, is that we do not succumb to fatalism or nihilistic acceptance of those parts of the status quo that seem to be … Continue reading “All the World is Made of”

From the Editor

If a political system were a genre of art, it would constantly invite new practices and perspectives to remain alive.  Not necessarily revolutionary, but vitally evolving, linking past traditions with new realities. And yet governments have a staggering tendency to get stuck in ruts that have little to do with creative processes. Stymied systems continue … Continue reading “From the Editor”