From the Editor

If a political system were a genre of art, it would constantly invite new practices and perspectives to remain alive.  Not necessarily revolutionary, but vitally evolving, linking past traditions with new realities. And yet governments have a staggering tendency to get stuck in ruts that have little to do with creative processes. Stymied systems continue … Continue reading “From the Editor”

An admirer

To the Editor, At first I was intrigued by the possibility of your publication to provide profound and unique creative writings, until I realized that is only pretentious intellectualism trying to disguise your propaganda platform. Ultimately i’m hugely disappointed by Plus 05401, and perturbed that you somehow acquired my home mailing address (in Jeffersonville!) to … Continue reading “An admirer”

There Ought to Be a Better Way

Today on the radio, we learned that ISIS is recruiting criminals from jails around the world. It’s not surprising, given for instance that the American west was colonized by criminals who committed genocide on native populations at the behest of George Washington and his cronies. Perhaps ISIS is really signalling  the birth o f a … Continue reading “There Ought to Be a Better Way”