fecund parc guell

Summer is here and the gardens are overflowing. I was just in Barcelona, at the Fearless Cities Conference¬†with two of my Burlington comrades. One of them, Ibnar A. Stratibus, found the word “fecund” most fitting to describe the smells and sites of this wonderful city, as we walked down the crumbling stairwells through Parc Guell through an abundance of flowering bushes and vines and trees. Life persists, life affirms itself, even as terror and tourism and heartache and commodification and homogenization threaten to deaden our senses and dull our diversity until we are zombies. Life persists! Nature seems sometimes, despite all, to be indefatigable. Let us take Her as our model and insist on growing and striving and joying in being alive no matter what obstacles, no matter how hopeless things might sometimes seem.

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Author: Genese Grill

Genese Grill is the editor of 05401PLUS.

2 thoughts on “Estival”

  1. Genese, Love your words. I was just at Wanderlust, (yoga event) doingCame home thinking “Nature heals itself, Nature heals us.” T-shirt coming….
    Perhaps it should say
    “Nature persists!”

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