February and March


Pipe Line/Land Mine: Ruminations from Standing Rock, Garret White


Burlington Remake, Charles Simpson

On Deciding to Marry, Jessie Owens

Environmental Bookkeeping, Robert Herendeen

Love Letter, Brother Michael Carter

Libertarian Municipalism: A Politics of Direct Democracy, Murray Bookchin

Is Polygamy the Next Marital Rights Issue? Janet Bennion

How Do You Become Part of a Town, Emer Pond Feeney

A Very Brief History of the Modern Technological/Utilitarian View of Nature, Dharman Rice

It’s About Time: Getting Winooski Kids to School, Infinite Culcleasure

Dream Local, Trevien Stanger

Jaeger Skis Into Trump and His Minions, George Voland

From Vermont to Kurdistan: Direct Democracy Takes Root, Debbie Bookchin

Love Poem for Meg Reynolds, Samuel Hughes

Love Poem for Samuel Hughes, Meg Reynolds

Save the Guard: The Big Lie, Richard Joseph

Mayor, Manor, Norma, Armor, Moran, Louis Mannie Lionni

Cartoons by Michelle Sayles

Photographs by Suzanne Levine

Author: Genese Grill

Genese Grill is the editor of 05401PLUS.

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