January 2017

From the January Issue: 

Goethe, The Metamorphosis of Plants 

Peter Garritano, Conversations with Myself

Dharman Rice, The Ideology of Underlying Trump’s Victory 

Barbara Zucker, For the Sake of a Bar Code

Charles Simpson, Quaker Clerking

Ellyn Gaydos, After the Summer of Love

David Schein, The Brou-Ha-Ha about City Hall Park

David Schein, Memorial Auditorium

Sarah Steadman, Excerpt from “Come: Life” 

Louis Mannie Lionni, You Turn

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I feel like I am losing friends over this election, worse than 9/11. Is it my problem? I don’t know. Am I the one who is being unreasonable? My mom is so depressed about Trump that she is shutting her phone off. I thought the whole thing was kind of comical. This obviously made things worse. I mean really, how much does it matter who we elect as president? The system is corrupt and hopelessly rigged in favor of moneyed interests. People cling to the hope that the system is still the best in the world and that our elected officials represent us, but it’s bullshit. Hillary, Donald, Bernie, it does not matter as long as the system remains corrupt. No one wants to admit that the United States is too big and ungovernable. It’s really time to end the party and start talk of secession, at least for small border states like Vermont. Legal, illegal who cares, we are living in a broken system that serves only the elite. Why are people afraid to leave the U. S. of A.? Well I think the whole idea that maybe someday we can fix it and it will be the America that has been advertised for so many years is very appealing. Look at us, everyone wants to move here, people stream into our country, you don’t see people wanting to move to Mexico or Saudi Arabia do you? Well maybe it’s because they don’t have such good advertising, or here at least they won’t have bombs raining down on their heads. I don’t know, I was born here, I wish I saw all the good, but I don’t. I see misery, death, destruction, the headlines, Hillary loses, Trump is a racist, Bernie kisses ass, the people have been screwed by the electoral college. Can we trust the papers? Who do they serve? They were so wrong and they spent so much energy trying to shape the outcome that they lost. The people did not lose, the people wanted change, not bush, clinton dynasty bullshit. CAPITALIZE proper names. What’s proper? Lies, lies and more lies on top of the already heaping smoldering emails, clinton foundation, helicopter liaisons with smarmy bill and loretta lynch comey lockheed martin military Industrial complex favors and a sprinkling of eastern European arms deals. Who benefits? Not me. I don’t get a damn thing from these deals, except taxes that I don’t want to pay because I don’t believe in the new american dream of world domination and the cream rising to the top for those who have the inside scoop. I want a life guilt free, not to contribute to the suffering of people in Yemen and Libya and Honduras thanks to state department strong arm policies, to keep gold from being the currency to start a new economy in Africa, end colonialism once and for all and allow people the right to be free of my country’s ideas about how they should teach their children or medicate or practice birth control according to christian morals, the same morals that brought them slavery , famine and disease thanks to missionaries and mercenaries and peacekeepers who all were well meaning but ended up just mean in the eyes of the natives who really want to be left the fuck alone perhaps. SO let’s get back to my problem , my problem with my shrinking pool of friends and family. First I questioned 9/11. That’s me, yes, I believe in finding the truth and not sucking up whatever sludge is spewed by the media. Oh by the way, I will start paying attention when the journalists apologize for the outright lies they never recanted. Sure mistakes are made, maybe the pressure from the White Horse House makes one do stupid shit, I don’t know, maybe threats are made, I don’t know, but if the job is investigative journalism , then at some point apologies are necessary. We are sorry about Iraq, Afghanistan. Libya. 9/11, the underwear bomber, hillary, barack obama. What the hell? Yes, I understand he’s half black, but does that give him a free pass for being worse than george bush, I don’t think so. Help me free

press: obama really was worse than bush. Let my friends know. They believe YOU but look at me cross- eyed. My wife thinks I hate obama. Hate. I don’t know him. I hate his presidency. Look at his record, I mean, really. I don’t expect a solution to my problem. People want to believe, in spite of it all. They don’t want to think that sociopaths rule their world. I wish it were not true.

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