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Publisher, Louis Mannie Lionni






10298174_798396873552791_4657783911702326118_oEditor, Genese Grill

Genese Grill is a writer of essays, a German scholar and translator, a book artist, and a cultural conspirator who believes in existential, aesthetic materialism.







Chiara Ambrosio

Chiara is a filmmaker and visual artist working with animation, documentary, sound and the printed matter.




Eileen Andreoli

Eileen Andreoli is a longtime Winooski resident who is actively opposing the F35 basing in Vermont that will render over half of the entire city of Winooski unlivable.



Ibnar Avilix

Ibnar is an artist and activist, who worked on the Vermont Sail Freight Project before devoting all of his time to community activism and social health work. He has been working to address city-wide concerns over public process, sustainable development, and environmental issues, attending city meetings, group and coalition meetings, one-on-one conversations with stake holders and experts in the city. Familiar with complex and obscure material by talking with zoning experts, architects, storm water managers, ecological designers, transportation planners, agricultural coordinators, and experts on public processes and planning. He has worked in individual groups for specific causes, but has also been working to ally the disparate groups in the city to work on shared concerns and causes. Ibnar is also self deployed as a Resident Support Specialist at Soteria House, a residence for folks having an early experience of psychosis that facilitates recovery by “being with” individuals.

Sandra Baird

Sandra Baird is a lawyer, former Vermont legislator, professor of history, politics, law, and international relations. She is the founder of The Caroline Fund, which provides help to women in need, and runs a free legal clinic in Burlington.




60192_730538722749_5153915_nKathryn Barush

Kathryn Barush teaches art history and religion in Berkeley, CA.





bates-doty-linesync-_bat2312_1Carolyn Bates

Born in Kansas, hung out in Midwest until college, long hair, boots and jean skirts were her attire when she moved to a ranch in Colorado with her “true love”. Well that lasted less than a year, and she scooted out, leaving him in a sea of mud, after he pushed her car out of a ditch. And headed East. Vermont beckoned. Since 1973, when she started her pro photo biz with Don Hanson, she’s been pleasantly “stuck in Vermont,” trying to keep politicians in town on a road to somewhere she thinks is honest for Burlington’s growth.

Lana Bella

An author of three chapbooks, Under My Dark (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2016), Adagio (Finishing Line Press, 2016), and Dear Suki: Letters (Platypus 2412 Mini Chapbook Series, 2016), Lana has had poetry and fiction featured with over 400 journals, Acentos Review, Comstock Review, Expound, Ilanot Review, Notre Dame Review, Rogue Agent, San Pedro River Review, Word/For Word, among others, and work to appear in Aeolian Harp Anthology, Volume 3.  Lana resides in the US and the coastal town of Nha Trang, Vietnam, where she is a mom of two far-too-clever-frolicsome imps.


Anna Blackmer

Anna, long time faculty member at Burlington College, is a poet and sometimes essayist who now lives in Essex Junction.





Alana Esperanza Blake

Alana is a New York native who used to live in Burlington.





Cinse Bonino

Cinse is addicted to grabbing joy, being awake in this life, and helping others to do the same.




Debbie Bookchin mid def

 Debbie Bookchin

Debbie Bookchin is a journalist, author, and former press secretary to U.S. Congressman Bernie Sanders. She has published in The Nation, Atlantic Monthly, and many other venues, and recently coedited a new book of essays by her father, Murray Bookchin, called The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy.

MurrayMurray Bookchin

Murray Bookchin (January 14, 1921 – July 30, 2006) was an author, orator, historian, and political theorist. A pioneer in the ecology movement, Bookchin initiated the critical theory of social ecology  and a political theory called Libertarian Municipalism, based on popular assemblies and direct democracy.


Antonello Borra

Antonello Borra is a poet, translator, and professor.



12669485_1112269128786159_8964926810684645222_n-1Michael Breiner

From the belly of another beast, Breiner contemplates Burlington…





Frank Bryan

Frank is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Vermont and a Starksboro resident.




12011349_1712648142292031_418434849486065360_n-1Stephen Callahan

Stephen Callahan pursues a utopian dream for a more aesthetic America . As both a philosopher and an idealist, he is one of those most dangerous radical extremists who insist on transfiguration through the truth.



BROTHER michael carter

Father Michael Carter

Father Michael, a member of the Society of St. Edmund, lives and teaches at St. Michael’s College.





Craig Chalone

Craig Chalone works as a library worker and has been a musician for 49 years.





Mari Christie

Mari has been a professional writer and communicator in Denver, Colorado for twenty-five years. She holds a bachelors degree in writing, summa cum laude, from the University of Denver, and has been published in magazines, newspapers, board rooms, and creative collections since 1990. Her novel, Blind Tribute, is available in e-book and print. Find links at, or download the first chapter at


Alex Ciurana

Alex Ciurana is an essayist who enjoys writing poetry as a way to cultivate and sharpen creativity in his essays.  Among his fancies are Nietzsche, Southern Comfort on ice, and old hymns on Sunday morning.




Janie Cohen

Janie directs the Fleming Museum of Art at the University of Vermont and live in Burlington.





Kathleen Coonrod

Kathleen has lived in Burlington for 5 years, works at City Market, is a proud rank and file member of the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America, in solidarity with Hunger Mountain Co-op workers and Burlington teachers.


Matt Cropp

Matt Cropp is Associate Director of the Vermont Employee Ownership Center, Chief Manager of the Vermont Solidarity Investing Club, and lives in Burlington’s Ward 4.




headcrop1Infinite Culcleasure

Infinite is a lifetime disciple of Laura Fishman, Will Miller, Joan Smith, L.J. Palardy, and Andy “A-Dog” Williams.





Shiona Davene

Shiona is a resident alien.



1077158_10151743200389820_274822283_oMarie Davis

Marie Davis is an artist working in Burlington’s South End Arts District.



Linda Deliduka

Linda is a native of Burlington, Vermont, and a retired educator.




Brendan Dempsey

Brendan is a poet and graduate of Yale School of Sacred Music, working on a Gesamtkunstwerk called The Icon:





Trish Denton

Trish Denton is an educator, performing artist and director.



Janifer Dumas

Janifer is a writer of essays and fiction.

Marc Estrin

Marc is a writer, cellist, political activist, and editor at Fomite Press.



emerEmer Pond Feeney

Emer is a library worker, writer, and theatre-maker. She and her partner live in the New North End with four indoor, domesticated cats and three outdoor, feral cats




image1-3Henry Finch

Henry Finch is a poet.




Pete Garitano

Pete Garitano moved to Vermont to raise a few children, and met other people who did not believe everything they were told.  He is a small-time farmer, challenging the wisdom of those who run the world.

Diane Elliott Gayer

Diane Elliott Gayer is an architect by training, an ecologist by nature, and a problem-solver by instinct.  Her ongoing exploration in the world is a designing, writing, seeing practice in holistic being.



388375_232109670195057_1166351341_nA.K. Gaydos

A. grew up in Vermont. She currently lives in Boston, where she works for a prominent University and a not-so-prominent arts organization dedicated to public art as a vehicle for social change.




emg-pigEllyn Gaydos

Ellyn Gaydos is a non-fiction writer and a farmer living in upstate New York.




Tara Goreau

Tara is a  is a large-scale artist whose vivid murals have inspired and reflected communities locally and abroad. A graduate of St. Johnsbury Academy, Tara traveled extensively before returning to Vermont.


Douglas Grandt

Doug is a climate activist, recently retired from the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) after a corporate career that included petroleum engineering and corporate planning.
Billy-Bob Green-Coil
BillyBob is an art team consisting of Bill Coil and Bob Green.



Neil Grill

Neil Grill was a professor of English in the Bronx for 35 years, then a psychoanalyst, now a poet, and also the editor’s father.



Greg Guma

Greg grew up in New York City and moved to Vermont in 1968. Since then he has been a newspaper journalist, magazine editor, college educator, public administrator, community organizer, federal projects director, bookstore owner, self-taught historian, and CEO of the Pacifica Radio Network. He is author of Dons of TimeThe People’s Republic: Vermont and the Sanders Revolution, Spirits of Desire and Green Mountain Politics. 
Rainer J. Hanshe
Rainer is a writer and the publisher and editor of Contra Mundum Press ( Once, he was an assistant to Nan Goldin, last working with her on The Devil’s Playground, her major exhibition at the Pompidou. For half a decade, he was the director of the Nietzsche Circle, an arts & philosophy organization based in New York. During that time, he established the journal Hyperion: On the Future of Aesthetics. Hanshe is the author of two novels, The Acolytes (2010) and The Abdication (2012), and the editor of Richard Foreman’s Plays with Films(2013). His second novel, The Abdication, has been translated into Italian (Petite Plaisance), Turkish (Aylak Adam: Zepelin), and Slovakian (Cloaca). Other texts of his have appeared in Sinn und FormJelenkorChrisMarker.orgAsymptoteQuarterly Conversation, and elsewhere. Hanshe is currently writing two novels, Humanimality and Now, Wonder. His most recent work is the hybrid book Shattering the Muses (2016), a collaboration with Federico Gori.
Kenneth E. Harrison, Jr

Kenneth E. Harrison, Jr. once flourished on Peru Street while attending the once-flourishing Burlington College. His poems have appeared in The American Journal of PoetryBeloit Poetry JournalDenver QuarterlyNuméro CinqPleiadesVerse Daily, and elsewhere, and essays on such subjects as Archie Comics and Frank Zappa appear in PopMatters. He lives in adjunct poverty in St. Louis, MO with his feline companion, Daisy [pictured right] and teaches  writing and Literature courses at Webster University and Florissant Valley Community College.

Kellan Head

Kellan is a graduate student of philosophy at Brandeis University, and a former resident of Burlington.





Robert Herendeen

Robert’s research interests include energy consumption, quantitative analysis of environmental issues, and environmental bookkeeping. Trained as a physicist, he has conducted economic input-output analyses to determine resource requirements and other impacts of consumption, following the parallels between economic and ecological systems and analysis of perturbed ecosystems.


danh_2Dan Higgins

Dan Higgins is a photographer living in Vermont.




Jim Holway

Jim is a Civic engagement volunteer and Community activist.



Samuel Hughes

Samuel Hughes is a poet and essayist who lives in Johnson, Vermont.





genevieveGenevieve Jacobs

Genevieve Jacobs does her best to invigorate the generous branching of dendritic arbors, as a professor, psychotherapist, and bricoleur in Burlington VT.




Ron Jacobs

Ron is a writer. His works include Daydream Sunset: 60s Counterculture in the 70s, three novels and The Way the Wind Blew: A History of the Weather Underground. He writes regularly for Counterpunch magazine and sporadically for other publications. Ron lives in Winooski these days.


Richard JosephRichard Joseph

Richard Joseph is an artist and a member of the Stop the F-35 Coalition in Winooski.





15253609_1795904940684294_1941879475319469770_nSeth Kanor

Seth Kanor is the author of Indian Leap, a novel.





Sir Feminist Killjoy

Sir Feminist Killjoy writes, makes art, and thinks somewhere in the deep corners of elsewhere.

Ivan Klipstein

Ivan is an artist and songmaker who sometimes graces Burlington with his presence.



Tanzeela Kulsoom

Tanzeela is a Pakistani novelist who spreads peace through her writings.





Renee Lauzon

Renee is an interdisciplinary artist who works in sound installation, sound poetry, painting, text, and experimental music. Her self-produced album of experimental music and sound poetry, Highway, is exhibited on SONM, an online sound archive, and her installations have been exhibited throughout the northeast United States, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Fe, NM, Seattle, Portugal, and Spain. She received her MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2012.


James Marc Leas

Jimmy is a patent lawyer, inventor and activist.



Roger Lebovitz

Roger lives in Burlington. His book A Guide to the Western Slope and the Outlying Areas was published by Fomite Press in 2015.

Suzanne Levine

Suzanne is an architect, photographer, montagist of the broken pieces of the world.




James Lockridge

James is the executive director of The Big Heavy World Foundation and of The Youth Safety Council of Vermont. He is a champion of democracy, transparency, and inclusion.




Michael Long

Michael is a teacher of English and environmentalism and a student of the earth.   He reveres watersheds and flowing prose.





Peggy Luhrs

Peggy is the former Director of the Burlington Women’s Council, taught Ecology and Feminism at the Institute for Social Ecology, and is a designer, builder, and community Activist.



093-cropAndrew Mack

Andrew sees the beauty in math, the math in music, and the music in efficient systems of organization.






Rebecca Mack,  Julie Montera and Miranda Paquette

Rebecca, Julie, and Miranda work passionately with science, art, and children at Burlington Children’s Space.


Jamie Mackinnon

Jamie MacKinnon is a logger who loves the earth.

902866_10151387942174912_1234560577_oLisa Marchetti

Lisa Marchetti enjoys living in the outdoors.





Frank Martyr 

Frank Martyr is prepping for the apocalypse.

Steve May

Steve is a former member of the VT AFL-CIO Executive Board and past Vice President of the Champlain Valley Central Labor Council. He is also a member of the Selectboard in Richmond, Vermont, where he resides with his family.


barbara-mcgrew-photoBarbara Bordwell McGrew

Barbara Bordwell McGrew is a retired education union organizer, organizational development consultant, Burlington College film instructor, now a film producer, community activist and downtown resident.


Jamie MacKinnon

Jamie is a logger who loves the earth.

Eve Moeykens-Arballo

Eve is a filmmaker, translator, future archivist and good citizen. She currently resides in Brattleboro, Vermont serving as an Americorps VISTA at Groundworks Collaborative.


imageClark Moore

Clark Moore is interested; join him for a Cognac…



MF Nelson

MF Nelson is a writer in Burlington’s Old North End, admiring our community and awaiting the collapse of society.





Joe O’Brien

Joe is a Burlington playwright and blindly happy person who lives in a little orange room with a painting of a sailboat on the wall above his desk.



Solveig Overby

Solveig is a former federal government computer systems professional. She has a law degree from Duke University, and is inspired by the late Czech playwright and president, Vaclav Havel, who characterized politics as “morality in practice”.

Jessie Owens

Jessie is a dancer, a choreographer, a massage therapist, and a maple sugar worker who resides in the mountains of Fletcher, Vermont.



Albert Petrarca

Albert is a Burlington activist.



ar-cropAmey Radcliffe

Amey is a graphic designer and proud tree-hugger.




Tony Redington

Tony is a transportation specialist, bicyclist, roundabout enthusiast, and community organizer. He is an active member of the Coalition for a Livable City and the Pine Street Coalition.



Erik Rehman

Erik Rehman lives between a confluence and a gap, walking the paths that bridge listening and responsivity.

Meg Reynolds
Meg is a poet, artist, and teacher living in Burlington, VT. Her work has appeared The Missing Slate, Mid-American Review, Magnolia Review, Prelude, Fugue, and the anthologies Monster Verse: Poems Human and Inhuman and The Book of Donuts. She is the co-director of writinginsideVT, an program offers that writing instruction at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility.

Dharman Rice

Dharman (formerly Bob) Rice studies the history of ideas and practices Zen Buddhism.


A. J. Rossman

A.J. is the founder of Cambrian Watch, a taxpayer, father of school-age children, technology innovator creating jobs recruiting nationally, environmentalist, angler and someone who doesn’t want to swim in the runoff from pet waste of 2,500 new people while hanging out at North and Texaco beaches. More info at  Please feel free to send any info you find relevant to


Michelle Sayles

Michelle Sayles is a political cartoonist.





David Schein


20160628_111839_001Matt Schlein

Matt Schlein, a NY transplant, has lived in Vermont for the last twenty-four years, working in the public schools.  Over the last seventeen he has served as founder and director of both the Walden Project and The Willowell foundation.


andy-simonAndrew Simon

Andrew Simon is devoted grandparent and activist.




Charles Simpson



Neighborhood Planning Assembly organizer, activist with several Burlington civic groups, and moderator of “Toward a Livable City on Channel 17. ”


Barry Snyder

Barry is former head of the film department at Burlington College, where he taught the course, “Film as a Subversive Art”. He is a former president of the Vermont International Film Foundation and Co-Creator of the Burlington Film Society.

Trevien StangerTrevien Stanger






Sarah Steadman

Sarah dreams up spaces where alternative histories, art, rurality, and communal living intersect. She is owner and co-manager of the Abode Farm CSA and director of the Mall of Found artist residency program.


imageSean Stone

Sean Stone studies antiquities.





Steph-Marie Szenasi

Steph-Marie is a performance artist, beekeeper, and barber.


img_0340Shay Totten

Shay Totten is a writer who lives in Burlington’s Old North End.



George Voland

George is a jazz musician, writer, and retired teacher–values honesty, humor, and compassion in himself and others.





fay-webern-18-years-oldFay Webern

Fay Webern is the author of The Button Thief of East 14th-Street, a memoir about growing up in Lavenburg Homes, the first experimental utopian housing community  in America for low-income families.




Ren Wiener

Ren  is a Winooski-based cook, gardener & provocateur. Sometimes operating under the alter-ego of Miss Weinerz, other times as a coordinator at, & most easily found cooking for the Good Food Truck at the Chittenden Foodshelf on N. Winooski Ave Tuesday Wednesday & Thursdays from 4-8pm (come by!)


Garret White


jamieJames Williamson

Jamie Williamson imparts knowledge at the Seat of Learning.




Ben Zelvis 

Ben Zelvis resists the cyborg revolution to the best of his ability,
and worships Cabbage instead of Kale.




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