Oblomov Wakes Up

Have you read that great Russian novel, Oblomov, about the man who basically never gets out of bed? He is slothful and slovenly, has crumbs in his beard and in between his sheets?

Well, that is how we have been about this website. We have been embodying the most self-indulgent traits of what some critics called the “Superfluous man”. We have not updated the masthead for months. There are no new issues posted since lord knows how long. The blog entries are few and far between. But, really, what is a website if not superfluous?

We have excuses, like all good Oblomovs, but we won’t bother you with them. Perhaps we just did not have the will to begin, or the belief in the improvability of mankind or the aesthetic or utilitarian redemption of mankind. Perhaps we were trying and failing, repeatedly, to get interns to help us with the task?

In any case, the luxurious days of neglect are now coming to an end. We begin, now, a new regime of contemporary American industriousness, to counteract the lovely, lilting delights of 19th century Russian nihilism. Watch out for vigorous reporting and ground-breaking news, insightful commentary and deeply moving suggestions.

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Author: Genese Grill

Genese Grill is the editor of 05401PLUS.

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