So Much is Going On!

It’s Wednesday late afternoon, and I have been working on PLUS all day long. First there was a last edit of the September issue, which is now ready to print and mail out. Then there was correspondence in hopes of finding us an intern (any interns out there?) and new writers from across the lake. And I have been working on the October issue. There are essays to edit, an editorial to finish, author photos to bother people about. And all this while the world continues to turn. Dispatches come in about the Planning Commission meeting in Burlington last night, where they agreed to continue discussion of zoning changes for the Cambrian Rise (former Burlington College land) development instead of letting them be voted down by the few commissioners present (who were critical. Especially Harris Roen. Thank you for that). I get messages about the mall project rezoning and about the City Hall Park development. Then I take a moment to read the National news. Hilary and Trump: who is sicker? And the world continues to be beautiful, despite so much ugliness. And now Silas sends us the password logon to begin this webpage for 05401PLUS. I am typing in a little square that is titled “Quick Draft” and I do not even know where it will go on the web page or what it will do there. It all seems so surreal and I hope that it will continue to seem that way. I hope I do not ever come to just accept all of this as normal or usual. The whole thing (life) is just beyond any reckoning.

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Author: Genese Grill

Genese Grill is the editor of 05401PLUS.

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