Spring Forward

So, it is March, almost “the ides” even, and finally it is wintery cold and wintery clear and quiet. Locally, we have yet another election (March 7th) behind us, following November’s somber fallout. Most of us have “lost”. Our candidates did not win, our ballot items did not get quite enough support, the status quo is still standing, or some new, even more dangerous innovation is in the works. What is there to do? How do we proceed?
17038683_1225493890905245_4098471698047293656_oIn local elections we keep getting 47% of the vote. Almost half. And the majority of people don’t even vote. What does this mean?

Most people say that, at least, people are more politically engaged than before, which is certainly good. But they still did not come out to vote. Why not?

People say, we have to move forward. By this they mean different things:

Keep pushing through projects and ways of living that are destroying the planet and creating increased income inequality and uglification;

Learn to work together with the people who are promoting this kind of moving forward because, well, they are the winners and have all the power, don’t they?


Keep building a movement that will one day be strong enough to inspire more people to believe in the possibility and necessity of another way of life. Keep strengthening neighborhood power and expanding our connections with each other so that one day we will break the 47% ceiling and break on through to a city where the decisions about our lives are in the hands of the people who live here. Spring Forward Neighbors!

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Author: Genese Grill

Genese Grill is the editor of 05401PLUS.

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