Who We Are

05401PLUS  is a monthly print magazine advocating on behalf of the new ecological, aesthetic and socio-political consciousness in the Champlain Bio-Region. Essays, reportage, satires, essays on current social, political, and cultural issues, book, film,and art reviews, poetry, short fiction, and art are welcome. While we are focusing on the local scene, we welcome any subject matter that has bearing on our expanding world view.

Please email us with your mailing address if you would like to receive the magazine every month.

Written submissions should be 1500 words or less. Images will be subject to cropping and the super-imposition of words. This is a not-for-profit venture, and we cannot, thus, pay the worthy contributors, except with complimentary copies of the already free magazine. Send submissions to plus@05401.com.

Thank you for your commitment to a better world.

Genese Grill, Editor
Mannie Lionni, Publisher

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